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Winter in Wilson
Photo courtesy of Ed Goodnight, Village resident

Winter Parking Hours Go Into Effect November 1, 2017 - April 15, 2018.

                  NO PARKING on Village Streets from 2am - 7am.




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Water Report



The Historic Village of Wilson

On The Shores of Lake Ontario 


Welcome to the Historic Village of Wilson.  The Village of Wilson, the only incorporated village in Niagara County, was incorporated on May 11, 1858, and is located on the shores of Lake Ontario between the towns of Porter to the west and Newfane to the east.  It is approximately 18 miles from the County seat at the City of Lockport and similar distance from the Lewiston/Queenston Bridge linking Niagara County to Canada.


Cultural assets include the Wilson Free Library and the Wilson Historical Society Museum complex.


One of the ways the Village of Wilson benefits from the moderate climate of the region is the abundance of locally grown produce available.  The geographic orientation of Niagara County to Lake Ontario produces conditions favorable to the cultivation of tree-born fruits, grapes, and a variety of row cropped foodstuffs suitable for fresh consumption and perserving alike.



WCS Student Community Service Options
October 26, 2017

WCS Student Community Service Options

Historical Society Memorial Day/May

            Contact: John Sinclair

                Email/Phone: 716- 550-2131               


Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt Event                         Halloween Party -October               

            Contact:  Bob Hull                                                            Contact: Steve Clark

                Email/Phone:  471-1100                                                 Email/Phone: 716-628-2202



Watch Wilson Grow

            Cruise Nite June

                Wine & Art Event August

                Star Search thru summer months

                Contact:  Jill Rohring

                Email/Phone:  716-213-7494



Wilson Enhancement Grp Salmon Run/May or June     Harbor Hoops August

            Contact: Marge Clark                                                              Contact:  Walt Moxham

                Email/Phone: 751-6120                                                          Email/Phone:  433-1344



Wilson #1 Fire Company Annual Lenten Fish Fry & Various Raffles

            Contact Fire Hall


South Wilson Fire Company Lenten Brunch

            Contact:  Pat Tagg

                Phone:  716-751-6241


Wilson Community Food Pantry

            Basket Raffle May or June

                Town Wide Yard Sale July

                Wine & Art Event Dessert Tent August

                Contact:  Janet M. Hoffman, Administrator

                Email/Phone:  716-280-1223


Wilson Conservation Club Auxillary Adopt a Highway

            Contact:  Linda Hurley

                Email/Phone:  751-9009



Wilson Little League Baseball

            Contact:  Beth Botzer

            Email/Phone:  716-867-0208


Broadband for ALL New Yorkers!
Did you know that only **three items** should be flushed down the toilet?
Can you name them? I'm sure you can! The Village guys have given us a fantastic article to read while using our facilities. Please read & share to help keep our sewers in great working order without costly sewer repairs!

Home of the Free because of the Brave!
Courtesy of Ed Goodnight